Road Base

Roadbase is a hard surface material made by blending gravel and fine materials. We offer specification types that meet Transport and Main Roads standards, as well as a capping material for Queensland Rail. Our Cement Treated Roadbase is a versatile option made from natural crushed rock, cement, and water, blended using our pugmill.

Product Name: Road Base

Product Description: Road Base is a high quality road base material that meets the CBR specifications. It is a durable and stable product that provides excellent support and load bearing capacity for roads and pavements

Product Sizes:
2.1 Road Base CBR80
2.2 Road Base CBR60
2.3 Road Base CBR45
2.4 Road Base
2.5 Road Base

Applications: Ideal for use in road construction and pavement applications

Features and Benefits: Provides excellent load bearing capacity and stability, meets CBR specifications

Quality Standards: Meets or exceeds relevant quality standards and certifications

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations: Sustainability, environmental stewardship, circular economy, mine waste utilisation, lower carbon footprint, beneficial reuse, minimise environmental impact, reduce virgin quarrying, resource efficiency, waste reduction

Road Base TMR 10mm
Roadbase TMR 14mm
Roadbase 2.1
Roadbase 4.5