Product Name: Rock

Product Description: Our rock products are sourced from recycled materials derived from historical mine operations. They are carefully sorted and graded to meet the highest quality standards. Our range includes clean sorted rock in various sizes.

Product Sizes:
Clean Sorted Rock >.7m
Clean Sorted Rock <.7m
Rock 150-300mm
Shot Rock<300mm
Crushed Rock 40-0mm A Class, Clean
Crushed Rock 50-0mm A Class, Clean
Crushed Rock 40 Minus B Class (Sorter By Product)
Gabion 100-250mm
Armour Rock 300-2m
Ballast 20-50mm
Mattress 50-150mm

Applications: Suitable for various applications such as construction, landscaping, erosion control, and retaining walls.

Features and Benefits: Durable and strong, Provides stability and support, Versatile, Aesthetically appealing blue rock, Erosion control, Defence rock, Speciality rock, Drainage rock.

Quality Standards: Meets or exceeds relevant quality standards and certifications.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations: Sustainability, environmental stewardship, circular economy, mine waste utilisation, lower carbon footprint, beneficial reuse, minimise environmental impact, reduce virgin quarrying, resource efficiency, waste reduction.

Pricing and Availability: Contact us for pricing and availability details.

75 mm
75-150 mm Ballast
150-300 mm
Gabion Rock
Armour Rock
Mattress Rock